Psychedelia and Noise, Three Bands at The Railway Hotel, Southend

I’d heard a few good things about Wobbly Lamps and finally got to see them. First band on and given the space at the end of the bar to play. They have a lovely garage punk noise, sometimes appearing to teeter into blues but never leaving the garage. The vocals are the stand out, slightly distorted and growled out, with a front man who in the small space provided became a focus.
The next two bands were on the stage upstairs. Second band of the night were JC Satan, from France. They create a great noise, bass runs riffing and walking in contrast to a caustic guitar. The synth almost adding with the drums for the rhythm section while the bass provided the melody. Squalls of synth developed on the longer psyche-outs. Vocals were shared between the guitarist and female singer. When she left the stage for one song they missed a useful stage presence and high drone voice. Where the songs developed into a psychedelic thrash the band really excelled. JC Satan were the stand out band of the night and had a useful pile of vinyl for sale.
Night Beats are a three piece from Seattle. They are firmly rooted in the sixties. At first I thought this would be a problem, just chugging away at riffs learned from Nuggets. Instead it was a strength, they did pound out a sixties wigout vibe and it grooved. The longer songs expanded but not much and this was just fine. Settling into a groove but also edging to chaos and out of the riff.
An excellent evening of garage psychedelia and as usual, an excellent poster.
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